SendRecurring Spring 2016 Feature Updates

We have been hard at work on several new features for SendRecurring in 2016!


Contacts have been requested several times. They are in now and make it SIMPLE to include previously used email addresses and phone numbers when creating reminders. Email addresses can either be autocompleted as you type or can be inserted in bulk by clicking on the TO, CC, or BCC buttons and working from contact popup. Contacts can be edited in Settings.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.08.39 PM

End Dates

When SendRecurring first launched reminders were based on Start and End date, this was changed with the move to the on/off system. But the users spoke out! Many of you wanted the old End Date function back and here it is. Just specify an end date and your reminders will be turned off if the next send would schedule for a time later than that date.

Reference Numbers

A lot of users wanted a way to differentiate between reminders that have the same subject, reference numbers/phrases do exactly that! Enter a reference number or phrase in the text box (near the subject box) and the reference number will appear in the manage view, just before the subject.


Filtering has been added on the Manage page. Type into the filter box to see your reminders magically vanish/reappear based on what you type. This makes browsing long lists of reminders and finding what you need a SNAP. The following fields are filtered: recipients, subject, reference number, and content.

Plan and Pricing Updates

We have again updated our plans and pricing. The biggest changes are the removal of the Unlimited plan and addition of yearly billing options. The Unlimited plan had to be removed due to several accounts of abuse, and no real benefit as 99% of users were well under unlimited. The Pro 10,000 plan has been created in its place to meet the needs of users, please contact me if you need a plan with more quota than that!

Yearly plans have been implemented but are not advertised just yet. If you want to be billed annually just let me know. There is a discount included for doing this!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.22.05 PM


So many of these are user-requested features so hopefully this encourages all users to reach out and suggest things they want in SendRecurring.

Happy Sending!

Exciting NEW UPDATES You’ve Been Requesting!

We’ve received several emails lately requesting some new recurring time options:

Hello Conrad,

Is it possible to send non recurring email? I’m planning to setup an IT calendar with all the deadlines for user accounts, license expirations etc…

I don’t need recurrence of email but an email sent as a reminder.

And another,

I am having one issue and this is purely the way I schedule jobs and not an issue with your software. What you have is the ability to send every (1), (2), (3) or (4) weeks. Sometimes there are extra days and even a fifth week that throws everything off. What I need and would like to see as an addition to your software is a way to schedule by choosing first, second, third or fourth followed by the day of the week. So what you would end up with is “first Wednesday” of the month, “second Monday” of the month and possibly “first and third Tuesday” of the month etc…

And another,

What would actually work best for us is to be able to send an email on say a specific Tuesday of every month as an example. These emails are for monthly server updates and our schedule adheres to that. 3rd Wednesday, 4thTuesday, etc. If I could send the emails like this that would work best. As is, I will have to log in every month and reset the days they send out.

We figured for every person who asked, there were at least 50 others who could use the feature but wouldn’t ask for it. So Conrad got to work immediately and added two new timing features that we think are great.
One time only send
The first is a one-time send option. If you have a non-recurring reminder or email, you can now click the “One Time Only” box on your toolbar and… yep. It will only send once.
The other feature he added was a bit more complicated, but opens up a whole slew of new send options.
First Weekday of the month
Now you can select the first, second, third, fourth, and even fifth weekday of the month (example: first Sunday, third Thursday, Fifth Saturday, etc.).
Already, we’ve received several emails expressing thanks for the service and these new features.
Dear Conrad,
I just wanted to thank you for I need to track a few things and I created forms to do it, and I just send the URL to myself every day. That way I fill out the form every day and I never forget!
I’ve been using it for months now and I have a great dataset.
Thanks so much.

And another,

Wow, lighting fast. Well done!

Really appreciated.

And another,

Wow, that was pretty fast. I was expecting a much longer delay.

Thanks for that really super fast update, that was fantastic.

Guys, here’s the thing. If you send Conrad an email requesting a new feature, expressing a concern, or asking a question about Sendrecurring, he’ll get back to you really fast and fix the problem. Usually within a couple hours, but if not, it’s almost always the same day. So shoot your questions (and compliments?) over to and he’ll send a speedy reply. If we’re able to fix a bug or add a feature because you brought it to our attention, we’ll probably feature your question on the blog, which actually ends up helping lots of people!

Did your email bounce?

Did your email bounce? Sendrecurring just added a new feature for that! You can now see if any of your emails bounced. Login to your account, then click “View Details. A new category, “Bounces,” has been added, and you’ll be able to see all the emails that didn’t receive your email (usually due to typos). This will help you send emails more effectively and reach all the people you need to reach.

Bounced email image

Sendrecurring’s Official Launch of Paid Packages! Quotas will now be enforced.

As announced in the last post, we “soft-launched” Sendrecurring’s new paid package system a while back, and as of Monday (January 20, 2014), they are officially launched! There are a couple of announcements that go along with it.

First of all, SORRY ABOUT THE LITTLE CRASH WE HAD ON MONDAY! Somebody had to go and get all code-y and it messed stuff up temporarily. Who farted, right? No worries, we’ve fixed the problem and your emails should be sending like normal.

Second of all, here are the changes that accompany the Paid Package launch.

  • If you are using the free demo version of Sendrecurring but do not have an account, you will need to create one (totally free and easy). You will automatically be signed up for the free package. If you have an account already (regardless of package), great!
  • Limits will be enforced for emails, texts, and polls.
  • For the free package, if you send more than 100 emails per month, any number past 100 will not send. If you send to a recipient group larger than 100 people, it will not send to any of the recipients. For Basic and Pro account holders, the same applies, only your quotas will be higher according to your package.
  • For the free package, you will need to upgrade your account in order to send recurring texts (or increase email and poll allowance). View text limits here. To upgrade your account, login to your existing account and go to the Pricing page. It will show you the options you have for upgrading.
  • If you reach or exceed your quota of emails, you will receive a friendly email letting you know.

SR Over Quota

click image to go to Plans and Pricing in a new tab


Third of all, we’ve added a feature that many of you have been asking for: optional start dates! Previously, the recurring emails were sent based on “now” or whenever you created the email. Now, you can schedule them to go out in advance, which will hopefully make life a lot easier for you. When you’re creating a new email or editing an existing email, it will look like this:

SR Optional Start Date

When you click on the text box, a calendar will drop down and you can select your desired send date.

We’re really excited that Sendrecurring is as well-liked as it seems to be this early on! The service is for you, the user, so if there is anything that needs improving or a feature you’d like to see added, drop us a line ( and we’ll do our best to make you happy! And as always, if you’re happy with the service, send us a testimonial (! We’d love to feature you (either by business name or personal name, or anonymously) on our coming-soon testimonial page.

Sendrecurring’s Soft Launch, Now Happening!

We’ve got two big announcements today! First, we’ve added recurring text messages to our list of awesome features (more on that later), and second, we have now entered the “soft launch” phase of our upgrade!

Over the course of Sendrecurring’s development, we’ve received some awesome feedback and suggestions, one of which was that Sendrecurring should be a paid service that offers levels of features. I know, you’re thinking “Who the heck would suggest making a free service into a paid service and ruin it for everyone?!”

“It looks great and seems to work well. Keep up the great work!! Make a few more tweaks and you can start charging for the service.  Fee should be modest for best results.”

“fyi, when this works exactly how I need it to, I’d gladly pay to use it.”

You got it, guys. So we fixed the bugs and added the features they talked about, and decided to come up with a few different packages to fit the users’ needs.

Well, here’s the great thing: It’s not going to ruin anything for anyone! As always, Sendrecurring is free to use for anyone. We’ve created some paid package options, which means we’ve put a limit on how many emails can be sent per month. Keep reading for our pricing information – it’s reasonable, we promise.


Price Package Info Image

 click image to view pricing information in a new tab

Since we’re fine-tuning some of Sendrecurring’s features and we want to give our users a decent amount of notice, we’ll be making the switch to the limited Free Package on December 1, 2013. No fees, no limits until then.

Starting December 1, 2013:

Account creation will be required for all users. This doesn’t mean everyone will have to start paying, it just means that everyone will need to create an account (free for everyone). Annoying, you say? We think spam is even more annoying, so by creating annoying accounts, we’re preventing even more annoying spammers from botting around and ruining people’s days.

Once you create your account, you’ll have free access to all of Sendrecurring’s Free Package features. Your account will only be upgraded if you say so.

We know that it can be tough to get used to changes, especially when you’ve been using the service for a while. The official launch of the paid packages will be in December, but we are now offering the paid service as an option before we start enforcing the limits. If you know you’d like to use the service through one of the paid packages, now’s the time to buy. Here’s why.

New Feature Texts

click image to view pricing information in a new tab

Upgraded accounts will have access to our newest feature, recurring texts! The free accounts do not (and will not) have any texting ability. Also if you sign up now, your transition on December 1 will be seamless (especially if you’re currently using over 100 emails).

We really hope you are as excited as we are about the new features! Go check them out and let us know what you think! Suggestions and feedback are the reasons we made these updates in the first place, so you should know that what you have to say really does matter!

Hop to! Set up your account if you haven’t already, and start exploring the new features!