How to send a recurring email [TUTORIAL]

I feel sheepish. Let me explain. We run a recurring email service over here. Recurring texts and polls are bonus features, but the primary function of Sendrecurring is emails. I realized recently that I wrote a tutorial a while ago explaining how to create a recurring poll, but never made a tutorial explaining the main ability of the site: emails! Duh, Tess.

I figured that Sendrecurring’s really user-friendly format and intuitive interface meant I didn’t need to explain how to create an email. Only, of course I think it’s intuitive because I’ve seen it built from the ground up, and it’s hard to see flaws in your baby, et cetera. Right? This post will explain the simple process of scheduling a recurring reminder email, and if you already knew how to do it, hopefully you’ll learn something new that will help you get the most out of all of Sendrecurring’s features.

Without further delay, we’re off.

First, login to your account. Once you’re in your account’s “Manage” page (or home page), click “New Email” as shown below.

Click New Email

You’ll be taken to the email form, where you should fill out the form according to the numbers below.

Create a new email


1. Enter your recipients into the “To” field. Make sure to use proper email address format (, and separate email addresses with commas.

2. Enter the subject of your email into the “Subject” field. This is what contacts will see in their inbox.

3. Select your send preferences.

4. Compose your email in the composition box.

5. Save your email and it will send according to the date and time you indicated.

Pretty easy, right? You can customize fonts and select various send options. Happy sending, and don’t hesitate to send questions to

How to Increase Your Email Open Rate

Hey Sendrecurrers! (recurrrrs? Flerb?)

First things first, we’re excited to announce the birth of Baby Frame, born EIGHT fabulous days AFTER his due date. Maybe if he ever checked his email, he would have seen the recurring one from me saying “Get out, we’re waiting!”



Second things second, Conrad received a feedback email (which we love, seriously. We want to marry feedback emails) from a happy SR user who finished his email like this:

“The cherry would be to have a button to resend the email for those who have not yet responded.”

Then, while browsing Pat Flynn’s site Smart Passive Income during naptime (Have you seen this site? Chock full of business building advice and other online marketing tips!), I came across this article on increasing your email open rate, and thought it had some great advice for all of Sendrecurring’s users!

Some of the key points are to:

1. Have an eye-catching subject line. It should tease the recipients. Give them a taste of what the email contains. You’re more likely to get more opens with the subject “6 easy things you can do to increase sales” than you are with the subject “Your weekly newsletter.”

2. Re-send your email to those who didn’t open it. Sometimes emails get all tangled in the web (see what I did there?) and either never make it to the inbox or get overlooked due to bad timing or whatever. Send it again!

There’s more great stuff in the article and comments, but I don’t want to spoil the fun, so you can check it out by clicking here (SFW).

So we’re adding a resend button to our long list of features to add to SR, and we hope you’ll continue to send us marriage proposals, er, I mean feedback emails.

How to Send a Recurring Poll – New Feature!

Hi everyone! This week, we’re eagerly awaiting the birth of the Sendrecurring Family baby, who is officially overdue. I thought I’d throw together a little tutorial on using Sendrecurring’s newest feature, polls. They’re easy to create, send, and view results for!

Login to your account and click “New Poll.”


Send a New Poll


It will take you to a screen that looks very similar to the “New Email” page. From here, fill out your email as you normally would, making sure to include To, Subject, and send info. In the box below “Add Option Box,” enter a poll question or option.

To add additional options, click on “Add Option Box.” Empty boxes will appear where you can add your additional options.


SR poll how-to add option box



Since we’re waiting for our baby, Conrad put together a poll for me to answer each day. Here’s a peek at what your poll will look like to your recipients.


Contraction Poll


This email contains three poll options and some additional email text (Conrad specified to “Click one of the options to vote.” Ignore his typo). You can add text in the composition box if you need to send your poll with any instructions or descriptions, or just to send a regular message. The text you add in the email box will appear after the poll links, as shown above.

Once you send your poll email to your recipients, the poll options will show up as clickable links. The recipients will be able to click on their answer, and the data will be recorded. It is currently only an option for recipients to vote once.

When they click on their poll answer, a new tab will open in their browser that looks like this:


Poll Results


This new tab will display the current poll results (anonymously), as well as a “Thank you for voting” message or a “You have already voted” message.

As the owner of the poll, you are able to view more results. In your account, below your list of emails, you can view your polls and their data. Click on “View Details” to expand the box, and you can see the amount of recipients, opens, and votes per sent poll.


View Poll results



To view specific data such as which recipient voted on which option, click on the link for the poll under “Subject.” It will take you to a page like this:


Owner's Poll Results


Ways Sendrecurring’s poll feature could help you:

  • Keep track of daily employee tasks
  • Get feedback from employees
  • Yes/No surveys (easy!)

If you still have any questions, leave a comment or send an email to

Guide to Time Zones: UTC numbers

We recently added Time Zone Detection to our email service (!), and it automatically detects which time zone you’re sending your email from based on your browser’s time on your computer. But sometimes, that time isn’t correct, or isn’t the time zone you want your email sent to/from (like if you’re travelling or daylight savings hits). So we made it so that you can change the time zone if you want.

To change the time zone on your email, login to your account and click on “Settings” (located in the

Click on the dropdown menu and select your desired time zone.

SR UTC Adjustment2

OK, so maybe we don’t all have our time zones and correlating positive or negative numbers memorized. So here’s a little guide to time zones and their numbers.

Time Zones

We found this awesome image here if you want to read up on time zones. It’s an exciting subject.

Hopefully this makes it easier for you to change time zones for your emails if needed!