Incoming: Improvements to Sendrecurring is getting some upgrades!

You may have noticed some minor upgrades over the past weeks such as corrections to wording and description, and better validation on lists of comma separated emails, but BIG changes are on the way.

Around a year ago I posted about how Sendrecurring would do away with logins and instead get by with actions confirmed via email. This led to the currently-in-place system whereby you must click a confirmation link with the creation of each new recurring email. This works, but it has it’s flaws. Chief among them is that it is difficult to manage large numbers of emails as you are constantly bouncing between your inbox and Sendrecurring. Also it can be tedious filling in the same owner email, and timezone information for every email, those things would be better stored long-term… SOOO

Sendrecurring is getting user accounts!

User accounts will begin being rolled out soon. If you read this and would like an account now head on over to the signup page and then proceed to the login page. You will be confronted with a single confirmation email (likely your last one if you make an account) before you can being using it.

What will you find after logging in? A MUCH nicer dashboard for handling all of your emails!

Manage section of sendrecurring

Some improvements to point out:

  1. All of your emails are listed out for easy viewing of everything you have running
  2. Turn Off and Turn On toggles
  3. The Next Send time is clearly visible
  4. It’s just so clean!

And the improvements do not stop there, look at how much simpler the email creation form is for you:



Improvements here include:

  1. No “Owner” email. You are already logged in you don’t need to enter this!
  2. No Start Date and End Date or Duration boxes. What? How? Email starting and stopping will be controlled by the Turn Off and Turn On buttons on the manage page, overall much easier to understand and use than all the date selection boxes! New emails will start out Turned On and you can toggle them to your heart’s content from there.
  3. A much improved time entry box. There’s still a drop down for time selection if you want it, but the new box also allows you to type out times such as: “3:30 am” “15:00” “12 45” and auto-completes a correct time from there.
  4. No limit on specific times. Previously the time dropdown was limited to send only in hourly increments. Well that is gone now. The new type-in time box, coupled with the server improvements allow emails to be sent at any time you want, 5:31 am? Sure. 6:47? Whatever. I expect the majority of emails will still be sent at even or quarterly times, but the option for any time was often requested, so here it is!

These new features will not be replacing the current features… right away. I do plan to phase out the non logged-in email creation with support for updating the emails you do have continuing on for quite some time.

Expect the landing page to have some information about logging in and the new account in the near future.

Also, all this great stuff is still going to be offered for free!

Tell your friends and coworkers!


Conrad Frame


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