SendRecurring Spring 2016 Feature Updates

We have been hard at work on several new features for SendRecurring in 2016!


Contacts have been requested several times. They are in now and make it SIMPLE to include previously used email addresses and phone numbers when creating reminders. Email addresses can either be autocompleted as you type or can be inserted in bulk by clicking on the TO, CC, or BCC buttons and working from contact popup. Contacts can be edited in Settings.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.08.39 PM

End Dates

When SendRecurring first launched reminders were based on Start and End date, this was changed with the move to the on/off system. But the users spoke out! Many of you wanted the old End Date function back and here it is. Just specify an end date and your reminders will be turned off if the next send would schedule for a time later than that date.

Reference Numbers

A lot of users wanted a way to differentiate between reminders that have the same subject, reference numbers/phrases do exactly that! Enter a reference number or phrase in the text box (near the subject box) and the reference number will appear in the manage view, just before the subject.


Filtering has been added on the Manage page. Type into the filter box to see your reminders magically vanish/reappear based on what you type. This makes browsing long lists of reminders and finding what you need a SNAP. The following fields are filtered: recipients, subject, reference number, and content.

Plan and Pricing Updates

We have again updated our plans and pricing. The biggest changes are the removal of the Unlimited plan and addition of yearly billing options. The Unlimited plan had to be removed due to several accounts of abuse, and no real benefit as 99% of users were well under unlimited. The Pro 10,000 plan has been created in its place to meet the needs of users, please contact me if you need a plan with more quota than that!

Yearly plans have been implemented but are not advertised just yet. If you want to be billed annually just let me know. There is a discount included for doing this!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.22.05 PM


So many of these are user-requested features so hopefully this encourages all users to reach out and suggest things they want in SendRecurring.

Happy Sending!

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