NEW Changes to Price Packages

After almost a year of fine tuning and research, we have made some changes to Sendrecurring’s price packages to increase the level of service available to you, our awesome customers.

The former plan options:

Price Package Info Image

Demo (FREE) – 100 emails per month

Basic ($4.99) – 500 emails per month

Pro ($14.99) – 5000 emails per month


The new plan options, and an overview:

Price Package Info Updated


Trial (FREE) – The Demo account has been redubbed Trial, and is now limited to 100 emails sent. It does not reset at the beginning of each month like the Demo did, which means when you reach 100 emails, you’ll need to upgrade in order to send more emails. Our main reason for this change was to curb spamming, which will benefit everyone and reduce the amount of disgruntled email receivers.

Basic 500 ($9.99) – Basic 500, previously Basic, includes 500 emails per month, as well as open rates, statistics, and customization.

Pro Unlimited ($19.99) – The Pro Unlimited is the best value of all the packages. Previously, users were limited to 5000 emails per month. Now, Pro Unlimited account holders have unlimited emails each month.


Recurring Text Message Reminders

You may have noticed that the new package options do not include recurring texts. We have temporarily suspended recurring texts for new users. If you are an existing user and your paid package included text messaging, you’ll still be able to send and edit those texts. But if you’re a new user or need to upgrade your account, texting will not be available.


To sign up for a free account or to upgrade your account, view our price options. If you have any questions about the new pricing options or any of the included services, feel free to email any questions to

One thought on “NEW Changes to Price Packages

  1. R.G says:


    I sent two trial emails yesterday. I noticed that the return email to reply to in the email used my personal email address. I need to use my business address. Is there a way I can amend this without re-starting. I also need to know how to send emails without anyone else seeing each others addresses. I used the bcc but was still able to see another’s address. Please let me know asap! Thanks! 🙂

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