The #1 Productivity Hack for Procrastinators is …

There are more than six billion people in this world and I am willing to bet that the majority of us are probably procrastinators. It is just an easy habit to fall into. Think of procrastination as if it were like quick sand. It is easy to stumble and sink into and hard to get out of. Not to worry though, here are some tips that can help pull you out of the procrastination pit.


1.Set an abundant amount of alarms.

As a procrastinator, you all know the feeling of waiting until about fifteen minutes passed your alarm to actually get up. Set several alarms to force you out of bed and to give you time to transition from morning yawns and sighs to being ready for a new day. Also, make hitting the snooze alarm harder to hit to make you get out of bed with each alarm.

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Now I don’t want to outright call myself or SendRecurring users procrastinators, but let’s face it, we all lie somewhere on the procrastination spectrum. This article caught my eye and I was pleasantly surprised by the number one recommendation to be more productive: Set an abundant amount of alarms!

SendRecurring has been created from the ground up to be the best way possible to do just that, whether it is through emails or texts. I recently found a fantastic use-case for SendRecurring that allowed me to be more productive.

I was faced with the problem of uploading my young family’s five plus years worth of videos to the cloud service we had FINALLY decided on using (Amazon Cloud drive btw). The problem is that we have over 70 GB of footage between the two of us for that time period (a lot).

After some math I realized this would take upwards of 100 hours with our connection so I needed to split the upload into many sessions, which I planned to only do during the evenings so our connection was decent during the day. This turned out to be time consuming work because every evening I have to

  1. Remember to do this!
  2. Figure out where I left off
  3. Start the upload

All in all it’s about a 10 minutes of time, so not too bad. However at the end of the evening, after unwinding from work, and watching an episode or two of a good show, it is REALLY tempting to put off anything like this in favor of just… procrastinating.

So to solve this for myself I setup a text message reminder to send to me every 9:30 PM, just about an hour before I actually go to sleep:


And here is the result.


Guess what? It worked. 100% satisfied with how SendRecurring performed, and it led me to some crazy actions….


Happy Reminding

How to Increase Your Email Open Rate

Hey Sendrecurrers! (recurrrrs? Flerb?)

First things first, we’re excited to announce the birth of Baby Frame, born EIGHT fabulous days AFTER his due date. Maybe if he ever checked his email, he would have seen the recurring one from me saying “Get out, we’re waiting!”



Second things second, Conrad received a feedback email (which we love, seriously. We want to marry feedback emails) from a happy SR user who finished his email like this:

“The cherry would be to have a button to resend the email for those who have not yet responded.”

Then, while browsing Pat Flynn’s site Smart Passive Income during naptime (Have you seen this site? Chock full of business building advice and other online marketing tips!), I came across this article on increasing your email open rate, and thought it had some great advice for all of Sendrecurring’s users!

Some of the key points are to:

1. Have an eye-catching subject line. It should tease the recipients. Give them a taste of what the email contains. You’re more likely to get more opens with the subject “6 easy things you can do to increase sales” than you are with the subject “Your weekly newsletter.”

2. Re-send your email to those who didn’t open it. Sometimes emails get all tangled in the web (see what I did there?) and either never make it to the inbox or get overlooked due to bad timing or whatever. Send it again!

There’s more great stuff in the article and comments, but I don’t want to spoil the fun, so you can check it out by clicking here (SFW).

So we’re adding a resend button to our long list of features to add to SR, and we hope you’ll continue to send us marriage proposals, er, I mean feedback emails.