Guide to Time Zones: UTC numbers

We recently added Time Zone Detection to our email service (!), and it automatically detects which time zone you’re sending your email from based on your browser’s time on your computer. But sometimes, that time isn’t correct, or isn’t the time zone you want your email sent to/from (like if you’re travelling or daylight savings hits). So we made it so that you can change the time zone if you want.

To change the time zone on your email, login to your account and click on “Settings” (located in the

Click on the dropdown menu and select your desired time zone.

SR UTC Adjustment2

OK, so maybe we don’t all have our time zones and correlating positive or negative numbers memorized. So here’s a little guide to time zones and their numbers.

Time Zones

We found this awesome image here if you want to read up on time zones. It’s an exciting subject.

Hopefully this makes it easier for you to change time zones for your emails if needed!


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