Email Send-Time Bug Fix and Other Corrections

Greetings everyone!

An unreliable bug in the timezone code was causing emails to be sent at incorrect times. It got complicated but the gist of it is that the timezone offset for an email was adding or subtracting incorrectly to the actual send time, and other logic was causing the email to still send in the correct 12-hour block, so emails were being sent out correctly OR up to 6 hours off of when they should be. Very unreliable, I believe it has been fixed and have tested with emails of my own.

Emails are  sending at whatever they were set to previously, to take advantage of the new fix:

  1. Edit an email
  2. Correct the Time field (it WILL show incorrectly the first time, it will not even be the time the email is currently sending at)
  3. Save

I also fixed a bug in the Email Retrieval tool on the site. In some cases it was retrieving emails that had been cancelled or otherwise expired and these emails just led to an error page. No good! The Retrieval Tool now correctly only sends you emails that are active.

Please let me know if you find anything that is acting up.



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