Changes Behind the Scenes

Sendrecurring is moving forward after many months on the back-burner! I am excited to be working on it again.

To kick things off I did some changes behind the scenes, sorry, not much to see from outside appearances. I won’t keep it a secret that I am using Google App Engine as the backend for Sendrecurring. A year ago they offered a new feature called the High Replication Datastore, which is a fancy term describing how an app is spread across Google’s servers, which I had not taken the opportunity to upgrade to. I did that this evening! Hooray for security, server safety, and data redundancy!

Secondly, I cleaned up all of the html template files for that front-end of Sendrecurring. I don’t know what I was thinking 1.5 years ago when I hacked them all together, but they were a disorganized mess. Things are more orderly now, and some sense has been established.

Why am I doing these changes to the backend? Well I am preparing for some big changes to the overall application and would like clean plumbing before diving in too deep.

Changes forthcoming, possible features are….. logins, saved contacts, open-rates on emails, attachments and definitely more fine-tuned recurrence options and delivery.



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