Edit Links Included in Recurring Emails

I added a new feature to SendRecurring.com in the midst of fixing bugs:

Optional Links to Edit

Some of you may have noticed this new little checkbox by the recurring options when setting up a recurring email (or when editing one):

Checking the Edit Link box places a link in the footer of your recurring email:

Clicking this link takes you straight to the distribution editing page! Careful, whoever has access to this has full control of the scheduled recurring email, including cancelling it!

I use this in all my own scheduled recurring emails. The email you see here is actually a snippet of the one that I use to track development on SendRecurrring. I have others that are sent to groups of people and it is handy to have the link there as well so that many people can edit the contents of the email.

Of course…. If you don’t want people to edit the email do not check the box!