Getting in Front of SendRecurring

Hi, my name is Conrad Frame, I am the owner, creator, maintainer, whatever of

I am opening up this blog in the hopes that allows me to connect with more people who are interested in the continued development of, and who are also interested in it’s various uses. It has been nine months since the service launched, over 4000 emails have been sent, and I personally use it for reminder lists to myself almost every day. I consider that a success and I want to continue to make the service better.

Previously to this point I did not state my name or even refer to myself in the first person in the written portions of the site that the public can read. I used “we” and “us” as if I was referring to some large team that I was hiding behind. I will no longer do that, this is my project, and I am available now at any time to talk about it, email me at with anything you want to discuss.

I will be looking into a bug or feature tracker, possibly for this wordpress portion of the site, that users can use to give me more feedback so that I can make it better.

Stay in touch!

Conrad Frame

5 thoughts on “Getting in Front of SendRecurring

  1. Our little league has been waiting for a Shed Vendor to reimburse us for a shed he never delivered for over a year! I call and email him as much as I remember.

    Sendrecurring seems like it will be a big help to me! I am very impressed so far… thanks!

    • Hi Chip, great to hear you are getting some use out of SendRecurring. Hope you get reimbursed for the shed for your league! Keep on nagging them.

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