Development Update – Continually Better

Development has been steadily continuing on, allowing everyone to send free recurring emails to get their stuff done. Over the past months I have made continual tweaks to the email processing side of the service, when emails are sent after being edited, special circumstances for sending daily emails vs weekly and monthly emails. For example if you edit a daily email it should resend that same day, if you edit a weekly or monthly one it will not, keeping it in line with the desired level of reminding (I hope).

Updating the service has been fun and good, and I enjoy it. However what I have really enjoyed is seeing how many people are using SendRecurring. While the site doesn’t get a whole lot of visitors (only about 400 unique visitors a month), they seem to ALL create recurring emails, a huge percentage. The email traffic is HUGE.

There are regularly over 1000 emails sent every day via SendRecurring. And it is growing of course.

I love seeing it getting used!

What has also been great is that I have had the chance to help and assist people in adding people to emails, removing people, editing emails etc and they are always so thankful for both my assistance and the service in general.

So please, ask me for help, send me a email, let me know how it is going, it is great to hear from people using the service and it inspires me to continue development.

In the next few month, time permitting, I have a few updates planned:

  • a site overhaul using Twitter’s Bootstrap framework and some moving around of the interface. I am hoping to make it easier and easier to use the site.
  • Accounts, logging in and being able to see all of your distributions instead of solely email based
  • Easier addition and removal of contacts from new and scheduled emails
  • Open rates included in emails (this will be a rough implementation but I have some good ideas)

So there is a quick update for

Recur on!



One thought on “Development Update – Continually Better

  1. Unfortunately these updates are getting delayed due to… TOO many projects! Which is a good thing for me but Sendrecurring is suffering. Will hopefully be able to return and finish the aesthetic and internal updates in the coming months.

    The new features are a ways off, some of the internal code is complete and in place but it is untested and the interface to actually use them has not even been started.

    Work work work!

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